National Mission on Oilseed and Oil Palm (NMOOP) in Rajasthan

NMOOP aims to increase production vegetable oil sourced from Oilseeds, Oil Palm and TBOs, and self sufficiency in food-grains and food security. During 2015-16, GoI has reduced the funding pattern and current funding pattern between GoI and GoR is 60:40.
Mission consists of 2 mini-missions –

  • MM-I on Oilseeds and
  • MM-III on TBOs.

Main Components of NMOOP

Main Components of this mission are production of foundation seed and certified seed, distribution of certified seed, crop demonstration, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), plant protection from chemicals, distribution of PPequipment, bio-fertilizer,Gypsum, pipes for carrying water, farmers trainings, agriculture implements, innovative seed treatment drums, sprinkler set, distribution of mini-kits, infrastructure development etc.

During the year 2015-16, GoI has changed the funding pattern and now the funding pattern between GoI and GoR is 60:40. During the year 2018-19, an expenditure of `25.06 crore has been incurred, against the provision of `29.43 crore.

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