Major Dam Irrigation Projects in Rajasthan

Major Dam Irrigation Projects in Rajasthan

Irrigation is the most important input for sustainable agricultural development. Being an arid to semi arid State, development of water resources for irrigation has the highest priority in Rajasthan. There are presently 100 major and medium irrigation projects and minor irrigation schemes in Rajasthan with a total command area of nearly 25 lakh hectares.


Command Area Development Authorities (CADA) was established for Chambal and Indira Gandhi Nagar Pariyojana (INGP) in 1974. Its work included the construction of water courses from the canal to the fields, drainage system to prevent water-logging, reservoirs for drinking water, agriculture research, fisheries, protective forestry for canal, forestation, and pasture development, supply of inputs and services to the farmers and development of marketing facilities.

Major Dam Irrigation Projects in Rajasthan

Bisalpur Project

The Project envisages construction of a dam across the Banas River for drinking water supply to the towns to Beawar and Nasirabad (Ajmer Water Scenario of Rajasthan 117 district) and Jaipur district and the villages lying in between them. The project also provides irrigation facilities in Tonk and Sawai Madhopur districts.

Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project

The project is a joint multipurpose venture of the States of Rajasthan and Gujarat for harnessing the waters of Mahi River for development of irrigation and power, for which an agreement was reached in the year 1966 between the two States. This agreement further provides that after the development of Narmada Dam in Gujarat, the entire water stored in Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam and part storage of Kadana dam would be released for use in western arid districts of Rajasthan i.e. Jalore and Barmer.

Chambal Valley Project

 The Chambal Valley Project is a major multipurpose project, constructed across the river Chambal by the State of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh for irrigation and hydro – power generation. The Project includes:

Chambal command area in Rajasthan is spread over six panchayat samitis (groups of villages) in Kota, Bundi and Baran districts.

Jakham Irrigation Project

The Jakham irrigation project comprises a storage dam on the river Jakham near village Anuppura in Dhariawad tehsil of district Udaipur. It also consists of a weir located near village Naglia, about 11 km from Mahi dam.

Som Kamla Amba Irrigation Project

Other Major Dam Irrigation Projects in Rajasthan

Dam Irrigation Projects in Rajasthan

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