Irrigation in Rajasthan: Area, Sources, Types, Potential

Irrigation in Rajasthan- Area, Sources, Types, Potential

Rajasthan has Net Cropped area of 183.49 Lac hectares, out of this, approximately 75% of area is rain-fed (116.88 lac hectares) and only 25% is irrigated area (66.61 lac hectares) (1). However, this 25% irrigated area contributes more than 50 percent of agricultural output. Main sources of irrigation in Rajasthan are:

Net Irrigated Area in Rajasthan by SourceNet Irrigated Area by Source

  • Open Wells: 31.62%
  • Tube-wells: 41.91%
  • Canals : 24.45%
  • Tanks:  0.84%
  • Other sources: 1%

As can be seen above, 73% of irrigation is through tube-wells and wells placing enormous stress on groundwater. It is particularly alarming that share of tube-wells over the last four decades has shot up from 1 percent in 1967-68 to 39 percent.

Irrigation in Rajasthan by Crops:

  • Of the total irrigated area, 35.79 percent is under wheat, 23.65 percent under rape seed and mustard, and 5.8 percent under grams.

Percentage of Irrigated Area by Crop

Rajasthan Irrigation Potential

The state’s estimated irrigation potential is 5.1 million hectares, of which 3.86 million hectares is already achieved.

  • Major & Medium Irrigation Project Potential: 2.75 mh
  • Minor Irrigation Project Potential: 2.37mh
    • Surface Water: 0.6 mh
    • Ground Water :1.77 mh

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