Invasion of Chittor by Bahadur Shah of Gujrat – Second Jauhar of Chittor – Rani Karnavati

In 1535, Bahadur Shah of Gujarat laid seige to Chittorgarh. This invasion of chittor resulted in Second Jauhar & Saka in history of chittor and ensued a series of battles that led to overthrow of Gujarat Sultanate.

Background of Invasion of Chittor:

Rana Sanga was injured in Battle of Khanwa in 1527, and died in 1528 poisoned by his own people. He was succeeded by his eldest surviving son, Rana Ratan Singh, who was assassinated in 1531. Ratan Singh was succeeded by his brother Rana Vikramaditya Singh. Udai Singh, the fourth son of Rana Sanga and Rani Karnavati (she was princess of Bundi) was still an infant.

Bahadur Shah became the sultan of Gujrat Sultanate in 1526 and started expanding his territory. He captured Malwa (1531) and Raisen (1532).

The Battle:

Continuing the conquest, Bahadur Shah laid siege to the fort of Chittor. Vikramaditya was the ruler of chittorgarh at that time. The Rajput’s made an appeal to Humayun for help with Rani Karnavati sending a Rakhi to Humayun.  The emperor accepted the appeal, gave up his campaign in Bengal and immediately moved towards Rajasthan. However, help from Humayun did not reach on time and sighting the last day of chittor, young Udai Singh was sent to Bundi for safety.

On 8 March 1535, Rani Karnavati committed Jauhar with 13,000 women, while the Rajput army rallied out to meet the besieging Muslim army and committed saka. This was the second of the three Jauhars performed at Chittor. During the seige and storm thirty-two thousand Rajputs were slain.

Bahadur Shah was victorious, but was not able to confront the Mughal canons and was advised by one “Rumi Khan” of his army to not to confront with the Mughal army.This victorious Gujarat army confided itself into a camp and the soldiers inside got starved, as the Mughal enemy cut their supplies. In the dead of the night, Bahadur shah fled the scene and his army immediately dispersed in all directions. Humayun, all of a sudden found himself in undisputed possession of the camp.


The mughal ruler, Humayun did not stop at expelling Bahadur Shah from Chiitorgarh and marched to capture Mandoo and invaded the Sultanate of Gujarat. Bahadur Shah ran from place to place from Mandoo to Champner, Cambay and finally to Goa. By that time, the entire Malwa and Gujarat had come under Humayun.

Humayun appointed his brother Askari as the governor of Gujarat. But, Askari proved incompetent and Bahadur Shah took the full advantage and captured Gujarat. Malwa was occupied by Mallu Khan in the name of Bahadur Shah.


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