Important Websites for RAS 2017 Preliminary Exam

Websites for RAS 2017 RPSC

RAS Preliminary Exam Syllabus covers topics from both Rajasthan as well as India. The below mentioned syllabus is of RAS 2016, which mostly will also be syllabus of RAS 2017 Preliminary Exam as well. This post contains list of important websites for RAS 2017 Preliminary Exam Preparation:

A. Websites for RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from HISTORY

A.1. History from Rajasthan

A.2. History from India:

A.3 Art & Culture of India:

B. Websites for RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from GEOGRAPHY:

B.1 Rajasthan Geography:


B.2 & B.3 Geography of India & World:

  • Collection of Geography Articles of ClearIAS

C. Websites for RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from POLITY

C.1. Polity topics from Rajasthan

C.2. Polity topics from India:

DWebsites for RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from ECONOMY:

D.1 Economy topics from Rajasthan:

D.2. Economic topics from India:

E. Websites for RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

F. RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from REASONING ABILITY

G. RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from CURRENT AFFAIRS

  • Current Affairs India:

General Websites:

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