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Rajasthan Through Districts book aims to serve as a macro-level guide and explores the history, geography, art and culture of each of these districts of Rajasthan, in a unique way. It contains 33 chapters, one on each of the 33 districts. For each district, location, history, rulers, historical places, geography, natural places, major fairs and festivals, minerals and aspects of population have been covered. Small pictures of the objects have been included to improve the feel of the topic.

Since antiquity, Rajasthan has been land of kings and kingdoms. At the time of Independence (1947), Rajasthan had 19 Princely states and 3 Chief-ships. As per the Indian administrative setup these states have been merged, divided, transferred to convert into 33 distinct districts. While administrative efficiency has been the driving force behind the districts, the long history, lineage and diversity has allowed each of the districts to boast of unique history, culture, trades, folks, physical features and places peculiar to each one of them.

The book describes the geography of Rajasthan, guiding her/him across the history, context of historical things, natural geography of places, flora, fauna & the natural places, worth visiting in each district. It is also a keep for people who want to understand the long history, diverse culture, and multiplicity of traditions of Rajasthan, in a simple, short yet structured way.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. Ajmer
  • Chapter 2: Alwar
  • Chapter 3: Banswara
  • Chapter 4: Baran
  • Chapter 5: Barmer
  • Chapter 6: Bharatpur
  • Chapter 7: Bhilwara
  • Chapter 8: Bikaner
  • Chapter 9: Bundi
  • Chapter 10: Chittorgarh
  • Chapter 11: Churu
  • Chapter 12: Dausa
  • Chapter 13: Dholpur
  • Chapter 14: Dungarpur
  • Chapter 15: Hanumangarh
  • Chapter 16: Jaipur
  • Chapter 17: Jaisalmer
  • Chapter 18: Jalore
  • Chapter 19: Jhalawar
  • Chapter 20: Jhunjhunu
  • Chapter 21: Jodhpur
  • Chapter 22: Karauli
  • Chapter 23: Kota
  • Chapter 24: Nagaur
  • Chapter 25: Pali
  • Chapter 26: Pratapgarh
  • Chapter 27: Rajsamand
  • Chapter 28: Sawai Madhopur
  • Chapter 29: Sikar
  • Chapter 30: Sirohi
  • Chapter 31: Sri Ganganagar
  • Chapter 32: Tonk
  • Chapter 33: Udaipur
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