GoI launches Horticulture Cluster Development Programme

Featured Image Horticulture Cluster Development Programme

On 31st May 2021, Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Shri Narendra Singh Tomar virtually launched the Horticulture Cluster Development Programme (CDP). The central sector scheme launched with an aim to ensure holistic growth of horticulture and will be implemented by the National Horticulture Board (NHB). The scheme aims at growing and developing identified horticulture clusters to make them globally competitive.

The Horticulture Cluster Development Programme (CDP) is designed to leverage the geographical specialisation of horticulture clusters and promote integrated and market-led development of preproduction, production, post-harvest, logistics, branding, and marketing activities.

Salient features of Horticulture Cluster Development Programme


The main objectives of the programme are to :

  1. Address the concerns of the horticulture value chain from pre-production, production, post-harvest management and value addition to logistics, marketing and branding, in an integrated manner for enhancing competitiveness in the domestic and export market.
  2. Reduce harvest and post-harvest losses by developing/ expanding/ upgrading the infrastructure for post-harvest handling of produce, value addition and market linkages.
  3. Facilitate the introduction of innovative technologies and practices to help enhance the global competitiveness of focus cluster crops.
  4. Facilitate the dovetailing of resources, including convergence of various government schemes in order to entrench stakeholders in the global value chains.
  5. Build the capacity of stakeholders and enhance farmers’ income through cluster-specific interventions, including brand promotion.

Implementation Area:

In a pilot phase, the programme will be implemented in 12 horticulture clusters out of the total 53 clusters selected for the programme. The clusters of the pilot phase include:

  • Shopian (J&K) and Kinnaur (H.P.) for Apple,
  • Lucknow (U.P.), Kutch (Gujarat) and Mahbubnagar (Telangana) for Mango,
  • Anantpur (A.P.) and Theni (T.N.) for Banana,
  • Nasik (Maharashtra) for Grapes,
  • Siphahijala (Tripura) for Pineapple,
  • Solapur (Maharashtra) and Chitradurga (Karnataka) for Pomegranate
  • West Jaintia Hills (Meghalaya) for Turmeric.
Horticulture Cluster Development Programme – Pilot Clusters | Image Source: NHB

Investment & Financial Assistance:

  • CDP is expected to attract an estimated investment of INR 10,000 crore when implemented in all the 53 clusters.
  • Financial Assistance will be provided by National Horticulture Board to the Implementing Agencies through Cluster Development Agency (CDAs) appointed for the respective Clusters.
  • The Clusters have been divided into three different categories – Mega, Midi, and Mini depending upon the area covered in the Cluster as given below :-
S.No.Type of ClusterArea* of cluster (in Hectares)Amount of Financial Assistance
1MegaMore than 15,000 HaUp to Rs 100 Crore
2MidiMore than 5,000 Ha to 15,000 HaUp to Rs 50 Crore
3MiniUp to 5,000 HaUp to Rs 25 Crore
* Area under focus crop in the Cluster.
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