Download Rajasthan Sujas 2019: December 2019

Download Rajasthan Sujas December 2019 PDF (1)

Rajasthan Sujas is the monthly magazine published by Information and Public Relations Department of Government of Rajasthan. Like Yojana, this magazine also lists out the important schemes and achievements of Government of Rajasthan. This post lists & enables download of Rajasthan Sujas 2019

Rajasthan Sujas Magazine for 2019:

Rajasthan Sujas 2019

S.No. Month
1. January 2019  FlipBook View Download
2. February 2019  FlipBook View Download
3. March 2019 Not Published Not Published
4. April 2019 Not Published Not Published
5. May 2019 Not Published Not Published
6. June 2019 FlipBook View Download
7. July 2019 FlipBook View Download
8. August 2019 FlipBook View Download
9. September 2019 FlipBook View Download
10. October 2019 FlipBook View Download
11. November 2019 FlipBook View Download
12. December 2019 FlipBook View Download


Note: Rajasthan Sujas Magazine is published by DIPR, Rajasthan Government. Rajras is not affiliated in any form/relation with DIPR or Rajasthan Government. RajRAS only provides link to above document hosted & provided by DIPR for benefit of citizens of state.

Rajras is a private initiative to help aspirants preparing for various public sector jobs in Rajasthan & this information is only shared.

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