Rajasthan Jan Aadhaar Card

Rajasthan Jan Aadhaar Card Scheme Yojana

On 11th December 2019, the State cabinet decided to replace Bhamashah card with Jan Aadhaar card from April 1, 2020. Consequently, the new Jan Aadhar Card was inaugurated on 18th December 2019.

‘One Number, One Card and One Identity

Jan Aadhaar Card – Tagline

Salient Features of Jan Aadhaar Card:

  • 10 digit number
  • All resident families in the State of Rajasthan, will be eligible to have the Jan Aadhaar Card
  • The card will replace all other cards like aayushman card, ration card etc.
  • Similar to Bhamashah card, would identify family, with Woman as head of family.
  • Woman above the age of 18 years of the family will be considered as the head of the family. If there is no woman above 18 years of age in the family, in such a case, a man of 21 years or more will be made the head.
  • In a family, if there is no female above 18 years of age and no man above 21 years of age, then any member of the family, having maximum age will be considered as the head of the family.
  • Will provide benefits/services related to government/ welfare schemes.
  • Will be valid as proof of identity (PoI) and proof of address (PoA).
  • Will be accessible through mobile and enable description of all available benefits.

Rajasthan Jan Aadhaar Authority

The state government has also published an ordinance namely Rajasthan Jan Aadhaar Authority Ordinance 2019 for the statutory & implementation of Jan Aadhar. Among other things, it prescribes a Jan Aadhaar Authority with following features:

  • The headquarters of the Authority shall be at Jaipur.
  • Shall consist of a Chairperson and such number of official and non-official members, as the State Government may appoint.
  • Chief Secretary, GoR, as ex-officio Chairman
  • Director General of the Authority
    • An officer not below the rank of the Secretary to the Government .
    • DG to supervise and control all officers and servants of the Authority.
  • Official Members –
    • Not less than 5 and not more than 8.
  • Non Official Members –
    • Not exceeding 2.
    • To be nominated by state government.
    • To hold office as per pleasure of state government, with maximum of 3 years.
  • Additionally, the State Government shall also constitute an Executive Committee of the Authority to exercise such powers and perform such duties as may be delegated to it by the Authority from time to time.

The Ordinance also has the provision of Social audit of the delivery of public welfare benefits at such intervals and in such manner, as may be prescribed in the Gram Sabhas in rural areas and the Ward Committees in urban areas or any other forum specified by the State Government by notification.

The Authority shall also create and maintain a database of identity information and photograph of all the Jan-Aadhaar card holders as the Jan-Aadhaar Resident Data Repository. The ordinance holds authority accountable for security and confidentiality of the data in Jan-Aadhaar Resident Data Repository and prohibits with anyone, for
any reason whatsoever, except in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance.


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