Rajasthan Current Affairs Summary September 2017: P1

Rajasthan Current AFfairs Summary September 2017

Tiger reintroduction in Mukundra Hills Reserve

National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) gave in principle approval that tigers could be reintroduced to Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve by December 2017. Hence, in first phase, three tigers, two female and one male are proposed to be shifted most probably from Ranthanmbore National Park (RNP) to Mukundra Hills.

Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve

  • Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve extends over an area of 759 sq. km. including 417 sq. km core area and 342 buffer zone,
  • The reserve covers four districts namely Kota, Bundi, Chittor and Jhalawar.
  • It was declared and notified as Tiger Reserve in 2013, and approved this September 2017.

Vastra 2017

International Textile and Apparel fair “VASTRA” 2017 was organised in Jaipur. It is organised jointly by RIICO and FICCI.

78 antique silver coins recovered in Ajmer

Alwargate police has seized 78 antique silver coins of King Edward VII era while digging at Parkash Road of Nagar area of Ajmer, for laying the water pipeline. King Edward VII coins came to India during 1906 and came into use in 1910.

New Music Museum in Jaipur

The Sisodia Rani Bagh at the Ghat ki Guni on Agra bypass is set to get a music museum. More than 50 musical instruments and sculptures will be on display in this one of its kind museum in the state. These will represent the musical culture of Rajasthan and its legacy with instruments like Sarangi, Ektara, Khartal, etc., that would be on display.

Veterinary doctor develops device for artificial insemination

Amit Sharma, a government veterinary officer at Banswara has developed a new device ‘DAIS’ a substitute to the expensive Artificial Insemination (AI) gun. The new device is equally efficient and comparatively cheaper, while Artificial Insemination gun costs around 1 lacto 1.5 lac rupees but the price of DAIS is about 1500-2000 rupees only.

Artificial Insemination is the method of rapid dissemination of elite male genetic material to a large number of females in a short duration of time over a large geographical area.

First Cow Sanctuary

The Union government proposed a Project Cow in April this year, under which sanctuaries will be set up in every state to save cows from slaughter. Under this, a cow sanctuary will be set up in Bharatpur district. This sanctuary would be first in Rajasthan and shelter stray cattle to curb their smuggling for slaughter.

Rajasthan State & Chief Minister Awarded

Rajasthan state has been selected for the ‘Smart Governance State of the Year’ award. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje was awarded with the Skoch Award of Chief Minister of the Year 2017 for the outstanding work done in the field of IT and e-Governance in Rajasthan.

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