Rajasthan Budget 2017-18: Snap Analysis of Figures

Rajasthan Budget 2017-18: Key Estimates

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Rajasthan Budget 2017-18: Key Parameters

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Rajasthan Budget 2017-18: Government Income

  • In Revenue Receipts: State Own Tax Revenue > Central Tax Revenue > Non-Tax Revenue > Grant-in- Aid
  • In State Own Tax Revenue: Sales Tax > State Excise Duty > Stamps & Registration = Taxes on Vehicles > Taxes on Electricity > Land Revenue
  • In Share in Central Taxes: Corporation Tax > Income Tax > Service Tax > Union Excise Duty > Custom Duty
  • In Non-Tax Revenue: Interest Receipts is the major source.

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Rajasthan Budget 2017-18: Government Expenditure

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Highlights of Schemes/Projects Outlay 2017-18

  • 81,157.97 crore are proposed as Schemes/Projects Outlay in the Budget Estimate 2017-18 presented in the Rajasthan State Legislative Assembly. The major head-wise break-up of the Schemes/Projects outlays are as under:-

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** Please note that, the above is my personal understanding of budget figures with huge approximations to make it simple. Please confirm with government document (listed below) to quote or reproduce anywhere.

Rajasthan Budget 2017: Budget at Glance – Rajasthan Government Document – Download here

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