Must See Historical Places in Bharatpur

Must See Historical Places in Bharatpur

This articles describes in brief important historical places in Bharatpur.

Historical Places Bharatpur


Lohagarh Fortlohagarh

Lohagarh fort was built by Jat Raja Surajmal in 1733. True to its name, Lohagarh Fort has withstood many attacks by the British, but was ultimately captured by Arthur Wellesley.  The famous door of Lohagarh fort was brought by Maharaja Jawahar Singh from Delhi in 1765. Lohagarh Fort differs from others by its aura of rugged strength. The fort is surrounded by a moat which used to be filled with water to keep enemies out. Interesting monuments inside the fort are Kothi Khas, Mahal Khas, Moti Mahal and Kishori Mahal. Raja Suraj Mal built Jawahar Bhurj and Fateh Bhurj to commemorate victories over the Mughals and the British.

Ganga MandirGanga mandir

The Ganga Mandir resides in the heart of the city of Bharatpur  and is one of the most beautiful temples in Rajasthan.  Maharaja Balwant Singh started constructing this temple in the mid-19th century. A magnificent deity of Ganga Maharaj made of pristine white marble resides inside the temple.


Bharatpur Palace and Museum

MuseumsLocated within the premises of the Bharatpur Palace is Kamra Khas, a museum that contains a vast number of antiques, over 581 stone sculptures, 861 local art and craft wares and ancient scriptures that depict the art and culture typical of Bharatpur. The palace itself was built in stages by various Maharajas and is a fine fusion of Mughal and Rajput architecture. The various apartments in the palace have a variety of richly patterned floor tiles decorated with exquisite designs.

Laxmangarh Mandir

The temple is dedicated to Laxman, brother of Lord Rama, and is famous for its typical Rajasthani style of architecture and beautiful pink stonework. Visitors will enjoy the intricate carvings of flowers and birds on doorways, ceilings, pillars, walls and arches.



Deeg is a beautiful garden town situated north of Bharatpur. The highlight of Deeg is an impressive fort surrounded by moats and gateways. It was built by Raja Suraj Mal and stands over a slightly elevated point. Although the interiors are almost in ruins, the watch tower containing a gun still maintains watch over the city.


KamanKaman is locally also known as Kamaban. The old town is located at the north of Bharatpur and is a part of the Brij area where  in mythology Lord Krishna spent his early years. The site is a place of pilgrimage and is annually visited by a large number of Vaishnavs in the month of Bhadhva as a part of the Banyatara. The ruins of a temple / mosque consisting of 84 pillars named Chaurasi Khamba are the main attraction.

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