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Administrative Ethics: 01: Glossary

General Studies Paper III of RAS mains consists of topic: Administrative Ethics. The new UPSC pattern also lays huge importance on Ethics & Values and there is general Studies Paper IV of 250 marks dedicated only to public service ethics and its application. Consequently, we should also treat ethics important for RAS mains. We shall …

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Syllabus RAS Prelims

RAS prelims is expected on 28/08/2016, which means less than 60 days remaining. In such condition, it becomes essential that each and every aspect of Syllabus is complete and thoroughly revised. We are sharing below the detailed syllabus of RAS prelims as indicated by RPSC.  We are dividing it into 3 stages: A. History B. Geography C. …

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Indian Missile System

S.No Missiles Launch Mode Version Range Speed Propulsion WarHead Guidance System Use A Ballistic Prithvi (Short) Surface to Surface Prithvi-I SS-150 A1 Prithvi-II SS-250 single-stage liquid-fuelled Prithvi-III SS-350 Two Stage: Solid-Liquid Dhanush (Naval) 350 Con/Nuc Agni (Med- Interconinental) Surface to Surface Agni – I       (MRBM) 700-1250 Single Solid Nuc Ring laser gyro-INS (inertial navigation system), …

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