Must Visit Natural Places in Baran

Sorasan Wildlife Sanctuary | Natural Places in Baran

Baran is the land of picturesque hills and valleys, filled with serene picnic spots. This article briefly describes the must visit natural places in Baran.

Natural Places in Baran:


Sorsan Wildlife Sanctuary

Sorasan Wildlife Sanctuary is located on a a flat stony plateau of uninhabitable scrub land with a number of small water bodies that can sustain variety of birds, animals, and reptiles. The sanctuary has area of 41 sq. km and lies between river Parwan, running on its western limit and villages with fertile, irrigated, arable land on the east.


Shergarh Wildlife Sanctuary

The perfect destination for nature lovers, Shergarh sanctuary is located in Shergarh village, about 65 km from Baran district. Rich in flora and fauna, Shergarh sanctuary is home to several endangered species of plants, as well as tigers, sloth bears, leopards and wild boards, among other animals. A photographer’s delight, Shergarh sanctuary is easily accessible by road.


Kapil Dhara

A place well-known for its natural beauty, Kapil Dhara is located at a distance of around 50 km from Baran. There is also a ‘Gaumukh’ housed in the premises of this place which is a famous waterfall of the region.


Tapasviyo ki Bagechi

A beautiful picnic spot in Shahabad near Baran, Tapasviyo ki Bagechi is often frequented by tourists and locals who are looking for peace and serenity. Now a picture-perfect location with stunning mountains acting as a backdrop, Tapasviyo ki Bagechi was once a hub for betel farming, traces of which can still be found. A major attraction here is the large statue of a Shivling.

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