Accounting Auditing

Management, Accounting & Auditing – Download PDF – RAS Mains 2018

Management-Accounting-Auditing-PDF Book RAS Mains 2018

Management, Accounting & Auditing PDF RAS Mains 2018 Price: INR 40 Buy from Instamojo|PayTM Store This Book contains course material for RAS Mains 2018: General Studies Paper 1, Unit on Management, Accounting & Auditing. Chapters are mentioned as under: Management Management: Concept & Principles. Functions of Management. Decision Making Leadership. Motivation.. Communication.. Aspects of Staffing Marketing. …

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Analysis of Financial Statements

Analysis of Financial Statements - tools and techniques

Financial statements are mainly prepared for decision making purposes. But the information as is provided in the financial statements is not adequately helpful in drawing a meaningful conclusion. Thus, an effective analysis of financial statements is required. This process of critical evaluation of the financial information contained in the financial statements in order to understand and …

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Ratio Analysis – Financial Ratios

Ratio Analysis - Financial Ratios (1)

Ratio Analysis describes the significant relationship which exists between various items of a balance sheet and a statement of profit and loss of a firm. Ratios provide clues to the financial position of a concern. It enables to assess the profitability, solvency and efficiency of an enterprise. Types of Ratios: There is a two way classification of ratios: …

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Accounting & Financial Statements: Basics

Basic Concepts of Accounting and Financial Statement

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business.  According to Bierman and Drebin:” Accounting may be defined as identifying, measuring, recording and communicating of financial information.” Accounting can also be defined as the process of identifying, measuring, recording and communicating the required information relating to the economic events of an …

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