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SUBJECT – Indian Geography

TOPIC -Climate – Origin of Monsoon, Climatic characteristics, Distribution of rainfall and Climatic regions | Natural Resources: Types and uses of (a) Water, Forest, Soil (b) Rocks & Minerals

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Q1. Write about the following Indian climate regions:
a) Dfc 
b) Cwg 


Climate typeRegionAnnual rainfall
Cwg(Monsoon type with dry winters)Most parts of the Ganga Plain, eastern Rajasthan, Assam and in Malwa Plateau100 – 200 cm
Dfc(Cold, Humid winters type with shorter summer)Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Assam~200 cm

Q2 What is El-Nino? How is it associated with Indian monsoon ? 5M


El Nino is a climatic phenomenon/complex weather system that causes a warm water current near the Peruvian coast, occurring every three to seven years. Since this stream appears in December at the time of Christmas, it is also known as ‘Child Christ’.

El Nino has an adverse effect on the Indian monsoon. Due to El Nino, the air pressure near the Peruvian coast becomes lower than normal, the force pushing the south-east trade winds from here gets weakened. Instead, the attracting or pulling force of the trade winds becomes effective here. Due to this, the flow of these trade winds towards Asia also becomes weak.

As a result, the Indian monsoon becomes weak and rainfall is received late and below average.

Q3 What are the major types of soil found in India? Discuss their characteristics. 10M


Different types of relief, landforms, climatic zones and vegetation are found in India, which have contributed to the development of many types of soils in India.

Q4 Translate the following sentences into English :          

1.ये सपने जैसा ही था, हैं ना?
2.परसों, मैंने उसे दूर एक कोने में बैठे देखा।
3.मैं जब छोटा था, तो अक्सर अपने पिताजी को मजदूरी करते देखा करता था।
4.खिड़की खोलते ही मुझे पता चल गया कि वो कोई लड़का नहीं बल्कि लड़की है। 
5.वो चींटी पर चिल्लाया “तुम्हारी हिम्मत कैसे हुई मुझे परेशान करने की?”


1.It was just like a dream, wasn’t it?

2.The day before yesterday, I saw him sitting at a distant corner.

3.When I was little (a kid), I would (used to) often see my father doing labour.

4.The moment I opened the window, I got to know that it was not a boy but a girl.

5.He yelled/shouted at the ant “How dare you bother me?”

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