2 April 2024

2 April 2024 RAS Mains answer writing. Click on the question to know the model answer. Submit your answers below and complete the 90 days challenge for RAS Mains answer writing

Subject – Rajasthan History

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Q.1 Write a brief on Kavad Art (2 M)

● Kavad is a painted folding wooden mobile miniature temple
● Traditional Business of Khairadiya Community of Bassi village of Chittorgarh.
● Prominent artist – Mangilal Mistri
● Generally, The Kavad is colored with red, and mythological stories from
Mahabharat and Ramayan are painted with black color on them.
● Along with the narration of the story, the doors of the Kavad keep opening and when all
The doors are opened, and the idols of Ram, Lakshman, and Sita are shown.

Q.2 Enlist Salient features of Bundi paintings (5 M)

It was Started during the reign of Rao Surjan. Later, Shatrusal constructed the Rang Mahal. The reign of ummed Singh is considered its Golden time. He constructed Chitrshala, a gallery of murals called the ‘Heaven of Murals.’
● Initially, it had an impact of the Mewar school; later, Mughal as well as European styles also influencedit. By the end of the 19th century, it started declining.
● Prominent painters → Dalu, Ramlal, Sadhuram, Raghunath (Trick → DRS lelo)
● Use of Green and Blue color
● Important Paintings and themes :
Raag Ragini, Barahmasa, Procession of rulers; water ponds; Birds and animals
○ Krishna Leela events like upholding Govardhan mountain
Animal Hunting: Rao Ummed Singh is shown hunting wild boar.

Q.3 Describe various types of forts and their salient features.

Based on location, architecture, and utility, forts can be classified into various categories(Acharya chanakya-4 categories, Acharya shukra -9 categories). Some important types of forts are as follows.
Auduk Durg or water forts are the forts that are surrounded by water, eg. Gagron Fort.
Giri Durg or hill fort is situated on a high mountain. Most of the forts of Rajasthan fall under this category.
Dhanvan Durg is the fort constructed in the desert, eg. Jaisalmer Fort.
Van Durg is the fort built in the dense rugged forest, eg. Siwana Fort.
Airan Fort is the fort that is inaccessible due to ditches, thorns, and stones, eg. Chittor Fort and Jalore Fort
Parikh Durg is the fort that has a large ditch around it,i.e., Fort of Bharatpur, Junagarh of Bikaner.
Paaridh Durg are the forts that are fortified with big walls, like Chitor, and Jaisalmer.
Sainya Durg is the fort where soldiers who are intelligent in planning and strategy of war live.
Sahay Durg is the fort, where brave and mutually cordial Bandhav people reside.
Among these all, Chittorgarh Fort possesses all qualities except Dhanvan Durga.
Salient features:
All the specific features of forts cited in the ancient texts i.e., Giri, Dhanvan, van etc. can be seen in the forts of Rajasthan.
strong ramparts i.e., Chittorgarh
Strong boundary walls i.e., Kumbhalgarh
impregnable bastions
deep trenches around the fort i.e., Junagarh fort
secret entrance and tunnel
armory inside the fort i.e., Jaigarh
water tanks i.e., ranthambore, chittorgarh
places and residential areas for soldiers
Temples inside the forts i.e. Jagat Shiromani(Amer), Kumaraswamy(Kumbhalgarh)

The forts of Rajasthan, renowned for their imposing structures and strategic designs, symbolize the region’s
rich cultural heritage and military strength, blending indigenous styles with Mughal and Rajput architectural

Q.4 निम्नलिखित अवतरण का उपयुक्त शीर्षक देते हुए लगभग एक-तिहाई शब्दों में संक्षेपण कीजिए – [10 Marks]
हमारे यहाँ शिक्षा तो वास्तव में ज्ञान के सम्प्रेषण की विधि है। विधि का अर्थ है–सिखलाना । लेकिन हम सिखलायेंगे क्या? इसकेलिए
हमारे यहाँ शब्द है– विद्या । विद्या को शिक्षा के माध्यम से प्रेषणीय करते हैं। विद्या वह ज्ञातव्य विषय है; जो हम आप तक पहुँचाना चाहते हैं। हमा रे यहाँ मनषियों ने इस वि द्या को अर्थकरी और परमा र्थकरी दो भा गों में बाँ टा है। अर्थका री वह वि द्या है जो समा ज में आपको उपयोगी बनाती है, जो आपको जीवन की आजीविका की सुविधाएँ देती है और परमार्थकरी विद्या वह विद्या है जिससे आप समष्टि से जुड़ते हैं। उसमें मानवीय मूल्य है, जि ससे आपका हृदय बनता है, आपकी बुद्धि बनती है, आप उदार बनते हैं, स्नेहशील बनते हैं, सद्भा व एवं सम्पन्नता से पूर्ण मानव बनते हैं, जिससे आपकी बुद्धि और हृदय को परिष्कार होता है। (133 शब्द)

शीर्षक- “ विद्या का महत्त्व “
संक्षिप्तिकरण – शिक्षा का अर्थ विद्या को सम्प्रेषणीय बनाना है। विद्या के दो भाग हैं—एक अर्थकरी जो मानव को उपयोगी बना कर
आजीविका की सुविधाएँ देती है और दूसरा परमार्थकरी जो समष्टि से जोड़कर, मानवीय मूल्यों से परिपूर्ण सहृदय, बुद्धिशील एवं सद्भावी
मानव बना ती है। (43 शब्द)

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