3 April 2024

Ras mains answer writing practice

3 April 2024 RAS Mains answer writing

Subject – Rajasthan History

Topic – Fairs, Festivals, Folk Music and Folk Dance, Important works of Rajasthani Literature and Dialects of Rajasthan

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Describe Algoza(2M)
  • Algoza is a state folk ‘Sushir’(Wind) musical instrument.
  • It has two flutes with four holes. 
  • Two Algozas are played simultaneously by placing them in the mouth. ‘Sa’ vowel from one and a different vowel from the other coming out. It plays with nakasansi.
  • Famous player: Ramnath choudhary(by Nose) 

Briefly discuss some musical castes of Rajasthan. (5M)
Musical CasteSpecification
LangaResides in western RajasthanStyle: MandMusical instrument: SarangiIn spite of being Muslim, celebrates Hindu festivals.
ManganiyarIn Jaisalmer,Bikaner,Barmer regionsMusical instrument: khartal, kamacha.Sing ‘Jangra’ songs.
JogiFollowers of Nath sactMusical instrument: Sarangi, Iktara.Sing byavla of Bhrathari,shivji
BhopaBhopa is a storyteller who narrates it in front of audiences.Musical instrument: Ravanhatta(pabuji’s bhopa), Tandura(ramdevji’s bhopa)
KalbeliaProfessional tribe Musical instruments: pungi, khanjari
DhadhiResides in western rajasthanMusical instrument: sarangi, rabab

Describe the main features of fairs and festivals of Rajasthan.(10M)

Rajasthan is famous all over India for its colorful culture, which is reflected in the fairs and festivals here thus there is a popular saying “Saat Var Nau Tyohaar”.

Main Features:

  1. Festivals promote social harmony, and religious pluralism. i.e., Babe ri beej,Gogamedi
  2. These festivals are indicative of happiness and enthusiasm in the lives of people.
  3. Festivals are filled with scientific temperament i.e.Fast associated with festivals keeps the body healthy.
  4. Festivals are the symbol of victory of Good over evil i.e., Dushera, Ghudla
  5. Serves as a platform for animal trading i.e., Tejaji cattle fair, chandrabhaga cattle fair
  6. These festivals promote a Moral and value-based society.
  7. Festivals like Teej and Khejarli Sahidi Fair depict humans’ unbreakable bond with nature.
  8. Some festivals like the Pabuji fair, and the Mehandipur Balaji fair serve as treatment for diseases
  9. Festivals like Karva Chauth,Teej are a symbol of the unbreakable relationship and love between husband and wife.
  10. These are perfect examples of sacrifices for the greater good i.e., Muharrum
  11. They promote tourism and generate employment.
  12. These occasions serve as an exceptional platform to showcase the state’s traditional artifacts and handicrafts.
  13. Fairs and festivals are the center for entertainment, and sports i.e., Camel festival, Maru mahotsav(Miss moomal competition), kite festival etc.

festivals serve as both custodians of cultural heritage and catalysts for economic development, playing a dual role in preserving tradition and driving prosperity for the state.

निर्देश-अधोलिखित गद्यांश का उचित शीर्षक लिखिए और एक-तिहाई (1/3) शब्दों में संक्षिप्तीकरण कीजिए।

सत्संग के बिना मनुष्य अपनी वासनाओं के दुःखों से किसी प्रकार बच नहीं सकता। वासनाएँ भी जब भगवान के सुन्दर यश का वर्णन सुनती हैं, सत्पुरुषों के दर्शन करती हैं, तो वे भी धन्य हो जाती हैं और उनके स्वरूप बदल जाते हैं, फिर वे शुद्ध संकल्प बनकर उठने लगती हैं। वासनाएँ यदि लोहे के समान हैं, तो प्रभु स्मरण : या सत्संग पारसमणि है। बस, स्पर्श करते ही वे स्वर्ण हो जाती हैं। बड़े दुष्ट स्वभाव वाले केवल सत्संग से संत बन गये। महान् दुःखियों का दुःख सत्संग में कुछ समय ही में जाता रहा तथा घोर अन्यायी राजा सत्पुरुषों के साथ से दयावान् बन गये ।

शीर्षक- सत्संग की महत्ता 

सत्संग के बिना वासनाओं से मुक्ति सम्भव नहीं। भगवान के सुयश वर्णन तथा सत्पुरुष-दर्शन से वासनाएँ शुद्ध संकल्प में बदल जाती हैं। प्रभुस्मरण एवं सत्संग रूपी पारसमणि से दुष्ट व्यक्ति भी स्वर्णिम एवं सद्गुणमय बन जाता है, इससे अन्यायी राजा भी दयालु हो जाता है।

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