Child Marriage in Rajasthan

Child Marriage in Rajasthan Social Issue RAS Mains 2018

India continues to struggle when it comes to social evil of child marriage. Our country is home to the largest number of child brides, accounting for one-third of the global distribution of child brides. A new report ‘Factsheet Child Marriages 2019’ released by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (Unicef) state that although child …

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Social Audit

Social Audit - Concept, Features, Principles, Objectives, Advantages and limitations

Social audit as a term was used as far back as the 1950s. However, in the last decade, the term has acquired new relevance in India. It is generally believed today that it is the duty of the privately owned enterprise to ensure that it does not adversely affect the life of the community in which …

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G S Ghurye on Caste in India

Sociology for RAS Mains GS Paper 1

G S Ghurye ‘s understanding of Caste in India can be considered as historical, indological as well as comparative. In his book “Caste and race in India” he agrees with Sir Herbert Risley that “Caste is a product of race that came to India with along with aryans“. According to him caste originated from race …

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Sanskritization Srinivas

In 1950’s, Prof M.N Srinivas introduced the term sanskritization to Indian Sociology. He introduced the notion of Sanskritisation to explain the process of cultural mobility in India, in his book ‘Religion and Society among the Coorgs of South India’. During his study of Coorgs in Karnataka, Srinivas found that lower castes in order to raise …

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