Rajasthan Industry

Key Industries of Rajasthan

Key Industries of Rajasthan Important

Rajasthan is home to several key industries which are engaged in production of goods like cotton cloth, cotton yarn, cement, sugar, urea, zinc-ingots, ball-bearings, edible oils, salt, copper cathodes etc. All of these Industries, do not belong only to large scale Units but may also belong to Small or medium scale units but they play …

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Public Sector Enterprises/Undertaking of Rajasthan

Public Sector Enterprises Undertakings

Public Sector Enterprises play an important role in the planned development of the state. They are formulated to speedup growth of infrastructure, increase employment opportunities, secure public welfare and help reduce regional imbalances in development. Public Sector Enterprises functioning in Rajasthan fall into two categories: Public Enterprises setup by Union (Central) Government Public Enterprises setup …

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Industrial Profile of Rajasthan

Industrial profile of Rajasthan

Industrialisation is considered one of the foremost modus to stimulate the overall growth of the country. Additionally, Development of industries has the vast potential of providing substantial employment and generating the income and improving the standard of living and over all well-being of the people. At the time of Independence, the state had inherited poor …

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