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Harikatha: Traditional art of story-telling in South India

Harikatha, the traditional art of story-telling in South-India has been in NEWS recently, on account of recent revival. What is Harikatha? Story telling is a popular performing art in India. Each region has developed its own style and tradition of story telling in various regional languages combining musical compositions between the narrations. Epics and Puranas …

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Buddhist Architecture of India

The earliest Buddhist monuments in India are attributable to Asoka (273-232 A.D) who exerted his energies and resources of his empire for propagation of Buddhism.  Three main types of structures are associated with buddhist architecture in India, they are: Stupas Viharas Chaityas Apart from these building, Pillars (Stamba) also form an integral element of buddhist design …

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Hindustani Music

There are 10 main forms of styles of singing and compositions: Dhrupad, Dhamar, Hori, Khayal, Tappa, Chaturang, Ragasagar, Tarana, Sargam and Thumri. Nowadays Ghazals have become very popular as the ‘light classical’ form of music. DHRUPAD Dhrupad is the oldest and perhaps the grandest form of Hindustani vocal music. Dhrupad is essentially a poetic form …

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