Battles of Kumbha

Battle of Nagaur

The  main battle of Nagaur occurred in 1455-56 in which Rana Kumbha, Ruler of Mewar defeated Rulers of Nagaur Sultanate. However, the history of Nagaur is preceded by a series of battles that kept on reversing its fortune.   Preceding Battles of Nagaur  Rao Choonda/Chanda/Chundarji secured and found the kingdom of Marwar. Mandore, the capital of …

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Battle of Mandalgarh & Banas

Battle of Sarangpur, Mandalgarh, Banas

Rana Kumbha, son of Rana Mokal, became the ruler of Chittorgarh in 1433. Rana Kumbha fought three battles with Mahmud Khilji, Sultan of Mandu: Battle of Sarangpur Battle of Mandalgarh Battle of Banas In all three battles, Rana Kumbha inflicted defeat to Sultan of Mandu. While battle of Mandavgad took place in modern Madhya Pradesh, …

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