Swachh Bharat Mission (Rural)- SBM

Prime Minister of India launched the program on 2nd October, 2014 with aim to make the country Open Defecation Free (ODF) by 2nd October, 2019. In Rajasthan, the target to achieve ODF status has been set by March, 2018.

Incentive for construction and usage of Individual Household Latrines (IHHL) shall be available for all Below Poverty Line (BPL) Households and Above Poverty Line (APL) households restricted to SCs/STs, small and marginal farmers, landless labourers with homestead , physically handicapped and women headed households.

The Incentive amount provided to Below Poverty Line and identified Above Poverty Line households is upto `12,000 for construction and usage of one unit of Individual Household Latrine (IHHL). Central Share of this Incentive is 60 Per cent while State share is 40 Per cent.

For Community Sanitary Complex, the incentive amount is `2 lakhs. Sharing pattern amongst Central Government, State Government and the Community is in the ratio of 60:30:10.

For Solid and Liquid Waste Management (SLWM), financial assistance of upto 7 lacs is provided to Gram Panchayats .

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