RAS 2018: Basket of Questions

RAS 2018 Pre Exam Mock Test Series Free

Target ExamRAS 2018

StudyMaterial Reference — RajRas (mainly)

TestPaper Frequency — Weekly

Test Paper Format?

  1. 30 questions based on (Static and Dynamic) Topics of Rajasthan + India + World
  2. AnswerKey will accompany

How To Solve?

  1. Take a separate piece of paper and allot 30 minutes time to solve the test
  2. Do not refer any book or internet while giving the test (helps in fair self assessment)
  3. Check your answers refering the answer key (note down your score)
  4. Analyse and Rectify your mistakes

How It Helps?

  1. ‘Clarity of Concepts’ through Topic Wise Questions
  2. ‘Ease of Revision’ through Collation of Questions
  3. ‘Reality Check’ through Fair Self- Assessment

Author: Mansi Sharma

RAS Basket of Questions Series:

Download: Combined PDF – (Download for Free)

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