Public Administration for RAS Mains

Public Administration RAS Mains 2018

Concepts, Issues and Dynamics of Public Administration and Management forms Unit II of RAS Mains General Studies Paper III. This page lists topics as per the syllabus of RAS Mains.

Public Administration for RAS Mains

Administration & Management:

  • Meaning, nature & significance
  • Importance and Scope
  • Role in developed & developing societies.
  • Evolution of Public Administration as a discipline.
  • New public administration (NPA).
  • Theories of publicadministration.


  • Principles of Organization
  • Hierarchy
  • Span of control
  • Unity of command


  • Concepts of power, authority, legitimacy, responsibility and delegation.
  • Functions of management.
  • Corporate governance and social responsibility
  • New dimensions of public management, management of change.

Personnel Administration:

Development Administration

  • Development Administration: Meaning, Scope and Characteristics.

Citizen And Administration

Administration in Rajasthan

District administration:

Administrative Bodies:

Acts related to Good Governance


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