Huna, Vardhana and Gurjara Empire in Rajasthan

Huna Empire in Rajasthan

In 503 C.E, Huna King Toranmal  (Torman) defeated Gupta’s and occupied Rajasthan. After him, his son, Mihirkul set on throne and ruled Rajasthan. Mihirhul built a shiva temple in Badauli and released Gadhia coins in Mewar & Marwar. However, the Gupta Emperor Narsingh Baladitya Gupta with help of Yashodharma defeated Mihirkul and again took Rajasthan under his control.

Guhil King  of Mewar, Allat married Huna princess Haria Devi.

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Vardhana Empire in Rajasthan

After the downfall of the Gupta Empire in the middle of the 6th century, North India was split into several independent kingdoms. Initially Gurjara’s cam to power and ruled most of Rajasthan with their capital at Bhinmal. Chinese tourist Hu-En-Sang visited Bhinmal during the times.

Prabhakara Vardhana, who belonged to the Pushyabhuti family, defeated the Gurjaras and extended his control over neighbouring states. Around 606 CE, Harsha Vardhana ascended the throne and ruled till 647 C.E.

Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons


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