Gupta Period in Rajasthan

Before the rise of Gupta’s, Rudrasimha II, of the Western Satraps (Kshatrap), ruled Rajasthan. Samudra Gupta defeated Rudrasimha II in 351 A.D to capture the southern part of Rajasthan. Later, the whole of Rajasthan came of Rajasthan came under the rule of Guptas, when Vikramaditya killed the last Shaka ruler & occupied complete western India.

Various Sculptures of Gupta Period are found in   Ajmera (Dungarpur), Abhaneri (jaipur), Mandore, Osiyan (Jodhpur), Neelkanth, Sacheli (Alwar) & Kalyanpur, Jagat (Udaipur).

Coins belonging to Gupta Age have been found at Nagla Chhel of Bayana. Silver coins belonging to Kumargupta I reign period have been found at Sambhar (Naliyasar).

Durra temple in Kota & Shiva temple in Charchoma are examples of Gupta Period architecture.


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