Current Affairs: 22nd July

  • Union Cabinet has approved the incorporation of Sagarmala Development Company (SDC) to push forward port-led economic development under ambitious Sagarmala project.
  • SDC shall be incorporated under Company Act, 2013 with initial authorized capital of 1,000 Cr Rupees and subscribed share capital of 90 Cr Rupees.
  • Sagarmala Project:
    • Project to modernize India’s Ports so that port-led development can be augmented and coastlines can be developed to contribute in India’s growth.
    • Aims to harness India’s 7,500-km long coastline, 14,500-km of potentially navigable waterways.
    • Six Megaports planned under Sagarmala:
    • West Bengal:  Sagar Island
    • Tamil Nadu:  Colachel
    • Gujarat:    Wadhwan
    • Karnataka:    Tadadi
    • Andhra Pradesh: Machilipatnam
    • Sagarmala
  • Difference with Bharat mala Project:
    • Bharatmala is an ambitious road and highways project of Union Government.
    • It plans to cover northern states starting from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himalayan states – Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, borders of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and North-eastern states of Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, up to the Indo-Myanmar border in Manipur and Mizoram.
    • Bharatmala
  • The Election Commission of India (ECI) has launched National Electoral Roll Purification (NERP) 2016 across the country.
    • The 2016 motto of the ECI is “No voter to be left behind”.
  • A Union Cabinet has approved Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between India and Tunisia for strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Digital Economy.
  • A Union Cabinet has approved signing of the Air Services Agreement between India and Mozambique.
    • This will promote air-connectivity between India – Mozambique.
  • Union Cabinet has approved Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between India and Switzerland for cooperation in skill development.
  • A NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog has signed Statement of Intent (SoI) with Intel India to set up Atal Tinkering laboratories (ATL) under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM).
  • Atal Innovation Mission (AIM):
    • Innovation Promotion Platform involving academics, entrepreneurs, and researchers drawing upon national and international experiences to foster a culture of innovation, R&D in India.
    • Tarun Khanna expert committee was formed for AIM
  • A The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on Thursday rejected Russia’s appeal against a doping ban on its athletics team from the Rio Olympics.
  • No-confidence motion against Uttarakhand Speaker falls through(gets rejected)
  • Important: What is no-confidence motion
    • Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to Lok Sabha(Vidhan Sabha in case of states), hence ministers can stay in office as long as they enjoy confidence in Lok Sabha.
    • So when, MP’s in Lok Sabha feel that council of ministers donot enjoy confidence, a motion of No-Confidence can be moved. It is subjected to following conditions:
    • It can only be moved in Lok Sabha/ Vidhan Sabha and not in Rajya Sabha/Vidhan Parishad.
    • In Lok Sabha needs support of minimum 50 members to be admitted.
    • It is not against a particular member but complete council of ministers and so if gets passed the government has to resign.
  • A previously unknown species of meat-eating dinosaur from 80 million years ago has been unearthed in Argentina. The dinosaur belongs to family called as the “Giant Thieves.”


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