Covid19: Rajasthan – Red Orange and Green Zone in Lockdown 4.0

Covid19 Rajasthan Red Orange green Districts by Centre

On 17th May 2020, the NEC under provisions of NDMA extended the lockdown (Lockdown 4.0) till 31 May 2020. Additionally, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), also released guidelines for the lockdown 4.0. These guidelines, among other things, put delineation of Red, Orange and Green Zone of areas under the scope of respective State and UT Governments.

Consequently, on 18th May, the Department, Govt. of Rajasthan, came out with detailed guidelines on lockdown 4.0 and categorized districts of Rajasthan into Red, Orange and Green Zones. 

Basis of District Zones:

Earlier in lockdown 3.0 the Union Govt. had classified the districts into Red, Orange and Green Zone but this time, it has included this categorization in scope of respective State and UT governments.

The State government classified areas in the State in three zones based on risk profiling, namely RED ZONE, ORANGE ZONE and GREEN ZONE. However, this classification can be revised by the State Government when risk profile changes for any particular area(s)

Additionally, while Union Government had taken districts as basic unit of zones, the State government has defined to further lower division considering Urban areas & different Panchayat Samiti’s as the basic Unit of zone classification.

Green Zone Districts:

  • Areas with least risk & most activities permitted.

Red Zone Districts:

  • Areas with highest risks & least activities permitted after containment /curfew Zones.

Orange Zone Districts:

  • Those areas which have risk less than Red zone but are more risky than green zones, have been classified as Orange Zone.

Containment Zones

Strict protocol will be observed in the Containment Zones within the Red Zone and Orange Zone Districts as stated in the MOHFW guidelines and only essential activities shall be allowed. There shall be strict perimeter control to ensure that there is no movement of population in or out of these zones except for medical emergencies and for maintaining supply of essential goods and services

No relaxations of any kind permitted in these guidelines are applicable within the containment areas of hotspots and clusters / curfew areas. Similarly, any subsequent relaxations accorded during the Lockdown period also shall not be applicable unless the same is specifically stated in the order issued

Classification of Districts of Rajasthan into Red, Orange and Green Zone

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Lockdown 5.0 in Rajasthan: Guidelines, Permitted Activities, Restrictions

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Note: As mentioned above, based on field feedback and additional analysis, the Rajasthan State government may designate additional areas/districts as red/orange zones.

Check Official Status Orders on Rajasthan Government’s dedicated Covid19 Portal – Webportal

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