Battle of Dholpur and Gagron

In 1519 A.D. armies of Rana Sanga and Ibrahim Lodhi met again in battle of Dhoplur and Rana Sanga again defeated the Sultan of Delhi.

Background of Battle of Dholpur

Rana Sanga had defeated Ibrahim Lodhi, the Sultan of Delhi in 1518 in battle of Khatoli. Rana Sanga took Sultan as prisoner and released him after payment of ransom. To avenge the disgrace, Ibrahim Lodi made great preparations and moved against Rana Sanga.

Battle of Dholpur

When Rana Sanga heard of the approaching Lodi army he started marching towards them, both the army came in sight of each other at Dholpur. The lodi army was more organized with 30,000 horsemen led by warriors including Hussain Khan zar Baksh, Mian Khan, Khanan Farmuli, Mian Maruf, Mian Makhan, Said Khan Furat.

The Rajput army despite being very less in number as compared to lodi army, slaughtered them and pushed them back to bayana.

Result of Battle of Dholpur

As a result of the battle, the territories of Malwa, acquired by Sikander Lodi got transferred to Rana Sanga. One such territory of Chanderi was bestowed by Maharana Sanga to Medini Rai for his contributions in battle of dholpur.

However, soon, the territories of Chanderi were encroached by Sultan of Mahmud Khilji II. Foundation for another battle was thus laid.

Battle of Gagron

Rana Sanga advanced with a large army from Chittor reinforced by the Rathors of Merta under Rao Viramdeva, and met Sultan Mahmud Khilji II, accompanied by the Gujarat auxiliaries under Asaf Khan. The Sultan’s forces  could not withstand the furious onslaught of the Rajputs and sustained a complete defeat. Most of his officers were killed and the army was nearly annihilated. Asaf Khan’s son was killed, and Asaf Khan himself sought safety in flight. Sultan Mahmud was taken prisoner, wounded and bleeding.

Result of Battle of Gagron

Rana Sanga treated the Sultan with honor and restored him his kingdom but as a mark of subjection, the Sultan yielded to the Maharana as nazrana the jewelled crown and belt left as a family heirloom by Sultan Hoshang Shah, the first king of Malwa. The Maharana also kept at Chittor a son of the Sultan as hostage for his future good conduct.


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