5 April 2024 RAS Mains answer writing.

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Subject – Rajasthan History

Topic – Salient events of 19th & 20th centuries: Peasant & Tribal Movements.

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What was “Chetavni ra chungatiya” ? (2M)

It was a satire written by Kesari Singh Barahath(1903) in Dingal to Mewar Maharana Fateh Singh exhorting him to uphold the traditions of his lineage and to not attend the Delhi Durbar. Maharana returned without attending the darbar after reading ‘chetavani ra chungatiya

Discuss the Role of Govind Giri in upliftment of Bhils. (5 M)

GovindGiri belonged to the Banjara family of Dunagarpur and was a social and religious reformer in the early 1900s among the Bhils.

Samp Sabha:

  1.  He established Samp Sabha in 1883 to enhance morality among the Bhils, focusing on keeping   them away from superstitions and making them self-dependent and self-confident.
  2.  His priorities included opening school s and stopping the tribals from activities like drinking liquor, looting, stealing , etc.

Bhagat Movement : His teachings succeeded in awakening them, culminating in the politico-economic revolt of the Bhils, known as the Bhagat Movement.

  1.  He advocated for the use of indigenous goods, motivating people to ‘say no’ to ‘begar, ‘ the forced labor, and not to pay unnecessary taxes.
  2.  Ramifications: Firstly, it made it easier to mobilize them to revolt against forced labor and the high revenue rates in 1921-22. It also forced the Rajput states to treat the Bhils sympathetically.
  3.  Later, he proposed the establishment of a separate Bhil state.

In conclusion, Guru Govind Giri’s impact on the Bhils was transformative, contributing to their empowerment, social awakening, and resistance against oppressive state policies.

Discuss the characteristics and significance of the peasant movements in rajasthan. (10M)

The peasant movements in Rajasthan were the result of the exploitation of farmers by the feudals i.e., higher land revenue, lata-kunta,forced labor. This increased dissatisfaction among the public and its first explosion took place in 1897 AD in Bijolia


  • Farmer movement of rajasthan were based on caste i.e., bijolia(dhakar farmer), shekhawati(jat).
  • The leadership was provided by the outsidersi.e., bijolia mov.(vijaysingh pathik),mev mov.(yaseen khan of gurugram)
  • The nature of the movements were Non-Violent.
  • Jati panchayats were credited to run movements in a planned manner.
  • These movements got the support of Praja mandals.
  • Active participation of women.


  • Resulted in the abolition of the jageeri system.
  • Became inspiration for the national freedom movement.
  • Improvement in socio-economic status of the peasant.
  • Taxes were reduced.
  • Active participation of the women led to their empowerment i.e., katrathal conference.

In spite of oppression by feudals, these movements awakened the masses,aroused nationalist sentiments which further became an integral part of the Satyagraha and Non-cooperation movement.

निर्देश-अधोलिखित गद्यांश का उचित शीर्षक लिखिए और एक-तिहाई (1/3) शब्दों में संक्षिप्तीकरण कीजिए।
बेरोजगारी की समस्या समाज में आज अत्यन्त भयंकर एवं गम्भीर बन गयी है। देश का शिक्षित एवं बेरोजगार युवक अपने आक्रोश की अभिव्यक्ति हड़ताले करने, बसें जलाने एवं राष्ट्रीय सम्पत्ति को क्षति पहुँचाने में कर रहा है वहीं कई बार कुण्ठित हो आत्महत्या जैसा भयंकर कुकृत्य कर बैठता है। कहते हैं ‘खाली दिमाग शैतान का घर’ कहावत को हमारे युवक चरितार्थ कर रहे हैं। सच भी है मरता क्या न करता, आवश्यकता सब पापों की जड़ है। अतः चोरी, डकैती, तस्करी, अपहरण तथा आतंकवादी गतिविधियों में वह सक्रिय हो रहा है।

शीर्षक- बेरोजगारी और कुकृत्य

बेरोजगारी की गम्भीर समस्या से व्यथित शिक्षित बेरोजगार युवक हड़ताल, तोड़-फोड़ आदि कर रहे हैं, कई बार आत्महत्या तक कर बैठते हैं। वस्तुतः आवश्यकता सब पापों की जड़ है, इसी से वे असामाजिक गतिविधियों में सक्रिय हो रहे हैं।

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