11 June RAS Mains Answer Writing

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SUBJECT -Sports and Yoga

TOPIC – National and Rajasthan State level Awards for Sports | Eminent Sports personalities of India | First Aid and Rehabilitation | Participation of Indian Sports Persons in the Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and Para-Olympic Games

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Q1 What is rehabilitation in sports and what is its need? 2M


Sports rehabilitation is a therapeutic process that helps athletes regain their strength, flexibility, mobility, and physical endurance after an injury or medical condition.

  • Uses exercise, movement, and therapeutic interventions to help people recover and reduce pain. 
  • Principles of ACT IS IT:Avoid aggravation; Timing;Compliance;Individualization;Specific sequencing; Intensity; Total patient are followed for Sports injury rehabilitation..

Sports injury rehabilitation is an important process as it helps in 

  • Restoration of athlete’s functional and performance level;
  • Regaining physical fitness in its original position before injury
  • Returning to sport participation in a safe, efficient, and timely manner;
  • Reducing the risk of re-injury.

Q2 Name four para players and their sports who won gold in the Para Asian Games 2023. 2M


[Write the names and the sports of the players]

  • Sundar Singh Gurjar-
    • Karauli
    • Gold- Javelin throw (world record- 68.60m)
    • Paralympic javelin thrower, shot putter and discus thrower competing in F46 events.
    • Tokyo 2020 Paralympics- Bronze medal at in men’s javelin F46 event.
    • Recipient of Arjuna Award for Para-athletics.
  • Avani Lekhara- Shooting
    • Jaipur
    • Gold- 10m air rifle
    • 2020 Summer Paralympics.- Gold medal in the 10m air rifle standing and a bronze medal in the 50m rifle 3 positions
    • Ranked world no. 1 in Women’s 10m Air Rifle standing SH1 (World Shooting Para Sport Rankings)[Jan, 2023]
    • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, 2021
    • Out of turn appointment as Assistant Conservator of Forest (ACF) by the Government of Rajasthan.
  • Nimisha Suresh Chakkungalparambil-
    • T 47 Long jump
    • Gold
    • Kerala
  • Darpan Inani
    • Chess
    • Vadodara (Born in Udaipur)
    • 2 gold medals – individual as well as team gold medal

Q3 What are the various categories in which the Arjuna Award is given? Write about its selection committee. 5M


Categories : From the year 2001, the award is given only in disciplines falling under the following categories: 

  • Olympic Games / Asian Games / Commonwealth Games / World Cup / World Championship Disciplines and Cricket 
  • Indigenous Games 
  • Sports for the Physically Challenged 
  • Condition : player should not have banned or restricted by WADA/NADA 
The Award will be decided by a Selection Committee constituted by the Government of 
India as under:- 
Sportspersons of eminence (Olympians or 
previous Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna or Arjuna 
S orts Journalists/Ex rts/Commentators 
administrator/sports expert belonging to para 
s rts 
S rts Administrator 
Director General, S rts Authori of India 
ent of S rts 
Joint Secre S orts De 
A retired judge of Supreme 
Court/Hi Court 
4 members 
3 members 
I member 
I member 
Ex-officio member 
Member Sec

Q4 What are the various techniques for managing sports injuries? 5M


1. PRICE Treatment 

– P-Protect the wound 

– R-Rest-No more movement 

– I-Ice-To stop the bleeding 

– C-Compression – To stop bleeding 

– E-Elevation – Heart level 

2. MICE Treatment 

M – Mobilization 

I – ICE 

C – Compression 

E – Elevation 

3. REST Therapy 

R – Rest 

E – Elevate 

S – Support 

T – Tight 

4.  RICER  – stands for Rest, Ice Compression, Elevation and Referral. RICER is used to manage soft tissue injury to reduce scarring and pain for faster recovery. This is a technique to be used as a first aid technique immediately after an injury occurs.  

5. TOTAPS stands for Talk, Observe, Touch, Active movement, Passive movement and Skill test. It is helpful in assessing all non-serious injuries. 

6. No-HARM or Avoid harm technique stands for No-Heat, No-Alcohol, No-Running and No-Massage. These are important precautions that any injured athlete must take for the first 72 hours after an injury occurs. 

7. SALTAPS– for injury assessment 

  • See-  Stop and observe the injury 
  • Ask – Ask questions about the injury 
  • Look for specific signs e.g. swelling 
  • Touch – Touch to identify painful areas 
  • Active – Active movement- move the injured part without assistance
  • Passive – Passive movement- move the part through full range of movement

Strength- Strength testing- put pressure/ weight on the injury 

Q5 Elaborate any one of the following themes in approximately 150 words. [RAS Mains 2021]
 Sweet are the uses of adversity.


Sweet are the uses of adversity

Adversity has its own virtues. It should not be dismissed as something abominable. The period of adversity in life discovers the virtue of fortitude, the hidden qualities, which man has never known before. It will not be exaggeration to say that prosperity reveals the evil in man and attract many vices. On the other hand, adversity brings out the best in man. The real test of man’s character lies in the manner he overcomes the problems.

If a man buckles in, his whole life passes in miseries. If he has the capacity to tide over the misfortunes of life, he is in for glorious days. Adversity is the time of self introspection and spiritual progress. Fair-weather friends desert whereas only genuine friends stand by you. No ground of suspicion is left for the days to come. In a sum, adversity makes man wiser about men and matters and inculcate wisdom in him.

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