Kachwaha Rulers of Dausa

Kachwaha Dynasty T.H. Hendley states that the Kachwaha clan is believed to have settled in an early era at Rohtas (Rahatas) on the Son River in present-day Bihar. He notes that their notable seats of power were in present day Madhya Pradesh including Kutwar, Gwalior, Dubkhund, Simhapaniya and Narwar (Nalapura). This second westward migration to …

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Kachwaha Rulers of Modern Alwar State

Kachwaha Rulers of Modern Alwar State

Mewati Khans Early medieval times, Alwar was ruled by Jadaun clan of Chandravanhi rajputs. In ealy 13th century Nahar Khan of the same Chandravanshi clan converted to Islam in thirteenth century during Firuz Shah Tughlak’s regime. Alawar Khan who was the descendent Nahar Khan, established the kingdom of Alawar in 1412 A.D. During Mughal period, Khanzada Hasan Khan …

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