First Jauhar of Jaisalmer

The first Jauhar of Jaisalmer occurred in year 1294, when Allauddin Khilji, attacked Jaisalmer and laid a siege for almost eight years. Background of Battle: Rawal jaitsi ascended the throne of Jaisalmer in 1276. The tribute of Tat’ha and Mooltan consisting of fifteen hundred horses and fifteen hundred mules laden with treasure and valuables was at Bekhar …

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Bhatti Rulers of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer kingdom was established in south-western Rajasthan . Once seat of Bhatti Rajputs, has been nicknamed “Golden City” owing to yellow sandstone structures and the gold-coloured desert surrounding it. Bhatti Rulers of Jaisalmer: Rawal Jaisal/Jessul (1156-68) The Bhatti capital at Lodorva (Ludarva) is destroyed by Shihab ud-Din Muhammad (Shihabuddin), the Afghan chief of Ghor. Rawal Jaisal …

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