Indian History

Ancient India: Summary Notes

The post contains short notes in bulleted from for Ancient India: Paleolithic or Old Stone Age Hunter-gatherers Stone tools, hand-sized and flaked-off large pebbles for hunting animals- made of quartzite Locations: The Soan valley and Potwar Plateau on the northwest India. The Siwalik hills on the north India. Bhimpetka in Madhya Pradesh. Adamgarh hill in …

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Medieval India: Summary Notes

A. is for History. A1: Rajasthan History, A2: India History. Medieval India: AD 750 onwards Eighth to 10th Century (Age of three empires in North India) Pala –East Pratihara – West and Upper Gangetic Valley Rashtrakuta – Deccan-  lasted the longest For a long time, Kanauj was considered the symbol of political unity of India (like Delhi …

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