Fairs & Festivals of Banswara

Culture fairs and festivals of Banswara Rajasthan

This article briefly describes the important fairs & festivals of Banswara: Holi Holi is the main festival for the tribals. During Holi tribes wear their traditional dresses carrying swords & sticks and perform the “Gair dance“, a typical tribal dance of this region. Divasa (Haryali Amavasya) Divasa is a festival celebrated on the last day …

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Rajasthan: Festivals and Fairs

Rajasthan Fairs | Rajasthan Festivalss

Rajasthan: Festivals & Fairs: Rajasthan is a land of fairs & festivals, but before we can get understanding of these it is essential to learn the names of Indian Seasons & months, as the India festivals & fairs are organized based on Hindi calendar, which is LUNAR.   Basics of Hindu Lunar Calendar In Hindu calendar, …

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