Indian Political System

India and World Politics in RAS Mains

Indian Political System, World Politics and Current Affairs forms Unit I of RAS Mains General Studies Paper III. This Page lists topics as per RAS Mains Syllabus.

Indian Constitution:

  • Framing,
  • Features,
  • Amendments,
  • Basic Structure.
  • Ideological Contents: Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties.

Institutional framework- I:

  • Parliamentary System,
  • President,
  • Prime Minister
  • Council of Ministers,
  • Parliament.

Institutional Framework- II:

  • Federalism,
  • Centre-State relations,
  • Supreme Court,
  • High Courts,
  • Judicial Review,
  • Judicial Activism.

Institutional Framework- III:

  • Election Commission of India,
  • Comptroller and Auditor General,
  • Union Public Service Commission,
  • NITI Aayog,
  • Central Vigilance Commission,
  • Central Information Commission,
  • National Human Rights Commission

Political Dynamics:

  • Role of Cast, Religion, Class, Ethnicity, Language and Gender in Indian Politics,
  • Political Parties and Electoral Behaviour,
  • Civil Society and Political Movement,
  • Issues related to National Integrity and Security.
  • Potential areas of Socio-Political conflicts

State Politics of Rajasthan:

  • Party System, Political Demography,
  • Different phases of Political competition in Rajasthan,
  • Panchayati Raj and Urban self Government Institutions 

International Politics:

  • Emerging World Order in the post Cold War era,
  • USA’s hegemony and its resistance,
  • UN and Regional Organizations,
  • International Terrorism
  • Environmental issues.

Foreign Policy of India:

  • Evolution, Determinants,
  • India’s relations with USA, China, Russia and European Union,
  • India’s role in UN, NAM, BRICS, G- 20, G- 77 and SAARC.
  • Geo-political and Strategic development in South Asia, South East Asia and West Asia and their impact on India.

Current Affairs:

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