Rajput Invasion of Gujarat

In 1520 A.D. Maharana Sanga lead a coalition of Rajput armies and invaded Gujarat. He defeated the Muslim forces and plundered the wealth of the Gujarat Sultanate.

Background of Invasion of Gujarat:

In 1517, Mahrana Sanga assisted Rai Mal to recapture principality of Idar. Sultan of Gujarat sent his generals Zahir-ul-mulk & Nasrat-ul-mulk. In the consequential, third battle of Idar, Maharana Sanga’s army defeated army of Sultan of Gujarat and Rai Mal was reinstated at throne of Idar. However, the confrontation did not stop at third battle of Idar and Muzaffar Shah, the sultan of Gujarat, once again took Idar in 1520 and Nizam-ul-mulk became the governor of Idar.

It is said that one day (1520 A. D.) a Bhat extolled the bravery and generosity of Rana Sanga in open Durbar in Nizam -ul-mulk’s presence on which Nizam-ul-mulk used disrespectful language towards the Maharana. When this incident came to the knowledge of the Maharana he decided to invade Gujarat and punish the governor of Idar. Maharana Sanga started with 40,000 horse and infantry and soon arrived at Vagadh, where Rawal Udai Singh of Dungarpur, Rao Ganga of Jodhpur and Rao Viram deva of Merta joined the Maharana with their forces.

Siege of Ahmednagar:

On being apprised of the Maharanas invasion, Sultan Muzaffar Shah of Gujarat  sent reinforcements under Asad-ul-mulk, Ghazi Khan, Shuja-ul-mulk and Saif Khan, to Nizam-ul-mulk. He appointed Qiwam-ul mulk, governor of his capital Ahemdabad, to lead the army and himself retired to Muhammadabad.

Nizam-ul-mulk was also alarmed of the news of Sanga’s advance towards Idar, and instead of defending at Idar, fled to the safe refuge of the fort of Ahmadnagar. Maharana Sanga arrived at Idar a day after Mubariz-ul-mulk’s  had left. After reinstating Rai Mal on the throne of Idar, the Maharana started in pursuit of Nizam-ul-mulk (Mubariz-ul-mulk) and laid siege to Ahmednagar. The rajput army bravely captured the fort but Nizam-ul-mulk escaped again.

Nizam-ul-mulk stopped on the further bank of the river near fort and drew up his troops, the reinforcement sent by the Sultan from Ahmedabad also to reached. The combined army prepared to oppose the Maharana’s advance. Rana Sanga’s army came down heavily at them and Nizam-ul-mulk fled again, this time towards Ahmadabad.

Result of Rajput Invasion of Gujarat:

As the Sultan’s army fled from Ahmednagar towards Ahmedabad, Rana Sanga now plundered the surrounding country at his leisure, he spared the Brahmans of Wadnagar, but finding Visalnagar defended against him, he took it by assault, slaying the Muhammadan governor.

After plundering Gujarat a little longer and finding that the Sultan dared not come to the protection of his subjects, and punishing Nizam-ul-mulk (Mubariz-ul-mulk) and seeing that the Rao of Idar had been restored to his patrimony, the Maharana returned in triumph to Chittor.


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