Rajiv Gandhi Rural Olympic Games in Rajasthan

Rajiv Gandhi Rural Olympic Games

Mascot of Rajiv Gandhi Rural Olympic Games – Sheru

Rajiv Gandhi Rural Olympics is being organized by the Rajasthan government from 29 August 2022. In this event, over 30 lakh players of all ages will take part. Rajasthan will be the first state in the world to make such a record. This event will become a platform for the discovery of sports talent, this will create a positive environment for sports in the villages and the state will get emerging sports participants for the future.

  • 29,12,078 players have registered for Rural Olympics. Out of these 19,90,574 males and 921504 females have registered.
  • These games are being organized on a large scale. Therefore, a detailed framework is being prepared for organizing the event at the gram panchayat level, block level, district level and state level.
  • District and state level winners of the Rural Olympics will be given priority in the recruitment of vacant posts in the state’s Panchayat cadre.

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Rajiv Gandhi Rural Olympics Games are scheduled to start from 29th August till 5th October as follows :

  • Knockout matches will be organized at the gram panchayat level from 29 August to 1 September.
  • Matches will be organized at block level from 12th September to 15th September.
  • The matches will be organized at the district level from September 22 to September 25.
  • It is proposed to organize matches at the state level from October 2 to October 5.

There will be 6 types of sports competitions under Rural Olympic Games

  1. Kabaddi (Boys/Girls Category)
  2. Shooting Ball (Boys)
  3. Volleyball (Boys/Girls Category)
  4. Hockey (Boys/Girls Category)
  5. Kho-Kho (Girls Category)
  6. Tennis Ball Cricket (Boys/Girls Category
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