Soil Conservation in Rajasthan

Desertification in Rajasthan | Soil Conservation in Rajasthan

Steps for Soil Conservation in Rajasthan include:

Adequate Drainage:

  • The solution for salinity & Alkalinity of soil is to provide of soil is to provide adequate drainage.

Use of Gypsum:

  • Use of gypsum which is abundantly and cheaply available in Rajasthan, is economical and long term solution to the problem of Alkalinity.


  • Large scale planting of saplings which act as wind breaks & also prevents soil erosion through water.

Shelter Belts:

  • In dry regions rows of trees are planted to check wind movement to protect soil cover.

Contour Barriers:

  • Stone, gross, soils are used to build barrier along contours. Trenches are made in front of the boomers to collect water.

Grass Development:

  • Plantation of trees & grasses on marginal and sub marginal land.

Wind strip cropping:

  • Grass and crop strip at right angle to wind direction.

Stubble Mulching:

  • Crop stubbles are left in the field and next crop planted with minimum tillage.

Contour Bonding:

  • Ravine land can be made cultivable by leveling followed by contour bonding
  • The medium and deep gullies can also be converted into productive wood lands.

Proper Drainage System in canal Project Area:

  • The problem of water logging can be checked and overcome by introducing proper drainage system in the canal project area.


  • Dry Farming is a method of conserving soil moisture preventing soil erosion.

Rock Dam:

  • Rock Dam is built to slow down its flow of water.


  • A layer of organic matter is made on soil. It helps to retain soil moisture.


  • Different crops are grown in alternative rows to protect the soil form rain wash

Terrace Farming:

  • Broad flat steps or terraces are made on the steep slopes so that flat surfaces are available to grow crops.
  • They reduce surface run off & soil erosion.

Contour Plugging:

  • Plugging parallel to the contours of a hill slope to form a natural barrier for water to flow down the slope


The Rajasthan Government has also implemented:

  • Rajasthan Soil and Water Conservation Act, 1964
  • Rajasthan Soil and Water Conservation Rules, 1966

for Soil Conservation in Rajasthan

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