Physical Divisions of Rajasthan

Physical Divisions of Rajasthan, Physical Geography of Rajasthan, Regions of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the largest state in the Union of India and has more physical variations than any other state. It has regions of rolling  sand dunes in the west to lofty rocks in the middle to fertile plains in the east. On the basis of the existing relief features, there are following physical divisions of Rajasthan:

  1. Western Sandy Plains
  2. Aravalli Range And Hilly Region
  3. Eastern Plains
  4. South-eastern Rajasthan Pathar (Hadoti Plateau)

राजस्थान के भौगोलिक प्रदेश – इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़ें

1. Western Sandy Plains

The western sandy plains are divided into two major regions and 6 sub-regions as following

  • A. Sandy Arid Plain
    • A1. Marusthali
    • A2. Dune free Tract
  • B. Semi-Arid Basin or Rajasthan Bangar
    • B1. Luni Basin
    • B2. Shekhawati Region
    • B3. Nagaur Upland
    • B4. Ghaggar Plain

2. Aravalli Range And Hilly Region

Aravalli Range on basis of its general characteristics, form elements, relief, slopes and drainage pattern can be divided into following physiographic sub-units:

  • A. The North- Eastern Hill Tracts or Alwar Hills
  • B. The Central Aravalli Range
    • B1. The Sambhar Basin or Shekhawati Low hills
    • B2. The Merwara hills
  • C. The Mewar Rocky region and Bhorat Plateau
  • D. Abu Block region

 3. The Eastern Plains

The eastern plains can be divided into 4 sub-regions:

  • A. Chambal basin
  • B. Banas Basin
  • C. Mahi or Chappan Basin

4. Southeastern Rajasthan Pathar (Hadoti Plateau)

This Physical Divisions of Rajasthan has following sub regions:

  • A. Deccan highlands
  • B. Vindhyan region
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