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Rajasthan ACF & FRO Exam Compulsory GK Paper |

ACF FRO GK Paper | Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) has released released the recruitment advertisement for the post of Assistant Conservator Forest (ACF) and Forest Range Officer Grade I Competitive Examination 2018. This post lists relevant details & preparation guide for Compulsory General Knowledge Paper of 100 Marks as per syllabus shared by RPSC.

ACF FRO GK Paper Syllabus-wise Books & Notes

Section A: Indian History & Culture

(A) Indian Culture & Heritage:

  • Visual and Performing Arts- Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Dance forms and Music traditions- from Indus to End of British Era.
  • Literary traditions of India from Vedic to close of 19th Century.

Books – Notes

India Architecture Culture PDF

(B) History of Freedom Movement from mid of 19th Century:

  • Struggle of 1857,
  • Emergence of Indian National Congress and the contribution of Moderates and Extremists,
  • Various Revolutionaries of 20th Century and their activities,
  • Gandhian Movements
  • The role of Subhash Chandra Bose.

Books – Notes

Section B: History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan

Archaeological Sites of Ancient Rajasthan:

  • Bagore,
  • Ganeshwar,
  • Ahar,
  • Kalibangan
  • Bairath.

Books – Notes

Major Dynasties of Rajasthan and their prominent rulers:

  • Imperial Pratiharas,
  • Sisodias of Mewar,
  • Rathores of Marwar,
  • Kachchwahas of Amber.

Books – Notes

Freedom Struggle in Rajasthan:

  • Struggle of 1857,
  • Political Awakening in Rajasthan,
  • Revolutionaries,
  • Peasant Movements,
  • Tribal Movements
  • Prajamandal Movements.

Integration of Rajasthan

Books – Notes

Modern History of Rajasthan PDF Notes

Rajasthan Culture

  • Saints and Sects through the ages:
    • Jasnathji,
    • Jambhoji,
    • Dadudayal,
    • Ramsnehi Sect
  • Various Vaishnav Sects.
  • Folk Deities of rajasthan.
  • Society of Rajasthan:
  • Traditions, Dress and Ornaments, Fairs & Festivals.
  • Folk Culture- Dances, Dramas, Literature, Music & Musical Instruments.
  • Schools of Painting,
  • Temple & Fort Architecture,
  • Handicrafts.
  • Rajasthani language and Dialects, Literature of Rajasthani Language.
  • Important historical tourist places

Books – Notes

Literature Art Architecture Culture and Heritage of Rajasthan PDF eBook

Section C: Indian Geography

Syllabus Books – Notes 
  • Physical Features- Mountain, Plateau, Plains.
  • Climate – Mechanism of Monsoon,
  • Distribution of Rainfall.
  • Natural Vegetation- Types and their Conservation.
  • Environmental Concerns-
    • Deforestation,
    • Soil Erosion,
    • Drought
    • Floods.
World Geography:

Geography of India:

Section D: Geography of Rajasthan

Syllabus Books – Notes 


Rajasthan Environment Wildlife Forest Policies Acts

Section E: Indian Economy

Syllabus Books – Notes 
  • GNP, GDP, Per Capita Income, HDI.
  • Population :-
    • Occupational Structure,
    • Population Growth Rate.
  • Agriculture :-
    • Land Utilisation,
    • Major Crops,
    • Organic Farming.
  • Major Industries of India :-
    • Textile,
    • Petroleum,
    • Cement, Food Processing,
  • Role of Forest based small and cottage industries.
  • Financial Inclusion :-
    • Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna,
    • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna.
    • Niti Aayog,
    • GST,
    • Global Warming,
    • Green House Effect.


Section F: Economy of Rajasthan

Section G: General Science

Science & Technology Syllabus:

  • Basics of Everyday Science.
  • Human body,
  • Food and Nutrition,
  • Health care.
  • Space Technology.
  • Telecommunication – Basic concept,
  • National Telecom Policy.
  • States of Matter.
  • Allotropes of carbon.
  • pH Scale and importance of pH in daily life.
  • Polymers and their uses.
  • Application of Biotechnology.
  • Alternative Sources of Energy with special reference to Rajasthan.
  • Environmental and Ecological Changes and its Impacts

Books – Notes

Section H: Current Affairs

National & International Current Affairs:

Books – Notes

Pattern of Question Paper

  • Objective type paper
  • Maximum Marks : 100
  • Number of Questions : 100
  • Duration of Paper : Three Hours
  • All questions carry equal marks.
  • There will be Negative Marking.

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