Chief Secretary of Rajasthan: Powers & Functions

Usha Sharma Chief Secretary of Rajasthan

The State Secretariat is the principal executive instrument of the State government and is responsible for administering the State Subjects. Each Secretariat Department has a civil servant as its head, who assists the Minister concerned in execution of policies. The chief secretary is the head of these permanent executives and is referred to as executive head of Secretariat.

Powers and functions of Chief Secretary:

The principal functions of the Chief Secretary are:

  • Principal advisor to the Chief Minister on all the matters of the State administration.
  • Secretary to the State Council of Ministers.
  • Administrative head of the State Secretariat and attends the meeting of the Cabinet and its sub-Committees, if necessary.
  • Prepares the agenda for the Cabinet meetings and keeps records of its proceedings.
  • Acts as the head of the State Civil Services. In this capacity, deals with all the cases related to appointment, transfers, promotion of senior State Civil Servants. Conscience-keeper to all the State Civil Servants.
  • Chief coordinator of the State administration and ensures inter-departmental co-ordination.
  • The Chairman of co-ordination committees set up for inter-departmental disputes. Presides over the meetings of the departments’ Secretaries.
  • Presides over the conferences attended by the Divisional Commissioners, the District Collectors and the heads of the departments of district administrations to effect coordination.
  • Acts as the administrative head of some secretariat departments

Chief Secretary of Rajasthan:

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