Rajasthan to setup online Labour Employment Exchange

Online Labour Employment Exchange in Rajasthan | Raj Kaushal Portal

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has directed the officials to set up an Online Labour Employment Exchange to help labour get jobs during the coronavirus lockdown in state. Consequently, the department of Information and Technology (IT) and RSLDC have started developing a portal for the labour employment exchange to ensure giving jobs to the migrant workers. So far, over six lakh migrant workers have returned to the state.

Raj Kaushal Portal – Rajasthan Labour Employment Exchange Launched

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What will the Online Labour Employment Exchange do ?

The exchange will help in removing the mismatch between demand and supply of workers in the state. Both industries and the labourers can register themselves on the exchange.

The department is working to first conduct online mapping of workers. The department is preparing their database according to the skills of the migrant workers so that they can be linked to employment opportunities according to the requirement of industries.

The industrial units can raise their demands on the portal for workers. They can also raise their demand for workers with certain skills on the portal.

Additional measures taken for employment benefit of returning migrant workers

  • The State Labor Department is also working on ways to impart training to the workers according to the qualifications and requirement of the industries so that these workers can be employed in enterprises and earn their livelihood.
  • The State government has  also approved the formation of the ‘Pravasi Rajasthani Workers Welfare Fund’ for the welfare of migrant Rajasthani workers.

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