Rajasthan ranks 4 in Export Preparedness Index-2020

Niti Aayog Export Preparedness Index 2020

Rajasthan has been ranked at 4th place after Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu in the Niti Aayog’s Export Preparedness Index-2020. The state emerged as a top performer among 11 landlocked states. 

What is Export Preparedness Index 2020 ?

India’s vision of becoming a USD5 trillion economy by 2024 is intricately linked with an export-oriented approach. So NITI Aayog has taken an initiative of developing the first-ever Export Preparedness Index for Indian states. The Index ranks states and union territories on critical parameters required for promoting the country’s exports. 



The Index framework is an aggregation of four pillars, 11 sub-pillars, and 55 indicators, which capture the export landscape of sub-national governments in the country.



  • Gujarat (75.2) emerged as the top-performing state in the ‘Coastal States’ category, followed by Maharashtra (75.1) and Tamil Nadu (64.9).
  • In the category of ‘Landlocked States’, Rajasthan (62.6) was the best-performing state.
  • Among ‘Himalayan States’ and ‘City-States’, Uttarakhand and Delhi are the top performing states respectively. 

Rajasthan Scorecard

Rajasthan Scorecard

Rajasthan Pillar-Wise Performance:

  • Policy – Rank 5
  • Business Ecosystem – Rank 7
  • Export Ecosystem – Rank 3
  • Export Performance – Rank 15


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