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On 25th January 2021, Rajasthan Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot released Rajasthan M Sand Policy 2021.  The policy aims to fulfil the demand of river sand for construction works across the state.

The m sand policy will reduce dependency on the river sand and boost the use and production of M-Sand in Rajasthan. Besides this, M-Sand will resolve the problem of waste coming out from the mines in the state and will also create employment opportunities at the local level with the setting up of a large number of M-Sand production units.

There is a demand of around 70 million tonnes of river sand for various construction works in the state.  Currently, 20 M-Sand units are operational in Rajasthan, majorly in Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Jaipur and Bharatpur districts, which are producing 20,000 tonnes of M-Sand per day. New policy would give boost to setting up of more sand production units.

What is M Sand ?

As per this policy, M Sand is manufactured sand produced by crushing of mineral or overburden that confirm to IS Code 383: 2016 standards.

In Simple terms, M-Sand is derived from locally available materials in abundance like granite, quartile, basalt, silica and sandstone in different regions of the state.

How is M-Sand Manufactured:

  • Sand is produced by crushing of rocks, quarry stones into a size of 150 microns. The crushed material is segregated and can be used into the different use on the basis of its size and composition.
  • The sand obtained through this process is washed to remove impurities making it a durable and ideal for all forms of construction purposes.

Rajasthan M Sand Policy 2020 Objectives:

  • To provide an easy and cost-effective alternate of river sand to people of Rajasthan
  • To Use overburden available in mining areas to make efficient use of mineral resources and conserve environment in mining areas.
  • To reduce dependency on the river sand
  • Promote mineral based industries in Rajasthan and create employment opportunities at the local level.

Policy Highlights

  • Through this policy the M-Sand units were given the status of industry.
  • The new production units to be set-up under this policy would be eligible for benefits of the RIPS-2019.
  • The Rajasthan Government has also notified Rajasthan Minor Mineral Concession (Amendment) Rules, 2021 – download pdf
Rajasthan msand policy 2020 download PDF Now

Rajasthan M Sand Policy 2020

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