Rajasthan Economic Review 2021-22 Download PDF

Rajasthan Economic Review 2021-22 Download PDF

Like Economic Survey 2021-22 is published at Union Level, the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Rajasthan publishes the Economic Review for Rajasthan, every year. The Economic Review is an annual document which is presented in the State Legislative Assembly at the time of presentation of the State Government Budget. The “Rajasthan Economic Review 2021-22” attempts to present an overview of the State’s economy as well as various development programmes being implemented in the State.

The Economic Review attempts to present a bird’s eye view of the development of the State under various programmes. The present publication of Economic Review 2021-22 provides the status and progress of socio-economic development of the state.

“Economic Review 2021-22” provides a panoramic view of the State’s socio-economic developments and depicts the recent trends across various sectors along with the new schemes and programmes launched by the State Government.

Three core principles – ‘Sensitivity, Transparency and Accountability’ have been the guiding force for good governance in the State and have been instrumental in shaping the plans, policies and programs of the State Government.

Chapter-wise Summary of Rajasthan Economic Review 2021-22:

  • Overview of Macro Economic Trends
  • Agriculture and Allied Sectors
  • Rural Development and Panchayati Raj
  • Industrial Development
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Emerging Service Sector
  • Urbanisation and Urban Development
  • Basic Social Services- Education and Health
  • Other Social Services/Programmes
  • State Finance and Other Resources for Development
    • PPP in Rajasthan
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Download Complete Economic Review 2021-22 PDF:

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