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You can download Rajasthan Current Affairs for RAS Mains PDF (English)

Important Note to Aspirants

This PDF is basically collection of current affairs & related material. Keeping in mind, the upcoming RAS mains 2016, we have designed the eBook as current affairs related to topics/areas/sectors. The rationale behind this activity is in RAS mains aspirants would have to write detailed answers and easy to remember & revise things, if all related things are made together.

Aspirants writing mains examination should try to incorporate these current events as examples while writing their answers.

Additionally, we have added other items like Rajasthan Budget Snapshot & Committees of 2016, which are in general useful for Aspirants.

Contents of the RAS Mains Current Affairs eBook:

  • Rajasthan: An Introduction
  • Current Affairs on Agriculture
  • Current Affairs on Economy of Rajasthan
  • Current Affairs on Environment & Geography of Rajasthan
  • Current Affairs on Social Aspects/Issues of Rajasthan
  • Current Affairs on Polity/Governance in Rajasthan
  • Current Affairs on Infrastructure Development in Rajasthan
  • Current Affairs of Culture of Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan: Persons in NEWS
  • Sports Related Current Affairs of Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan: Miscellaneous Current Affairs
  • Current Affairs on Rajasthan & International
  • Important Current Schemes & Policies of Rajasthan Government
  • Rajasthan Budget Snapshot
  • Committees & Commission of 2016

Total pages: 73


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