Pratihara of Bhinmal

Pratihars of Bhinmal (Jalore)

The strongest of the Gurjara-Prathira branch was the one at Bhinmal, under king Vyaghramukh. The Gurjar clan, which ruled at Bhinmal was known as Chapas (this name is a short version of Chapotkrisht, sanskit word which means excelled in archery or strong bowmen). As per the records of Heun Tsang, the famous astronomer and mathematician Bramhagupta was in the court of Vyaghramukha.

Image credits: Wikipedia Commons
Image credits: Wikipedia Commons

Kings of Bhinmal branch of Gurjara- Pratihara:

  • Raja Nagabhata I Pratihara
    • He was the founder of Bhinmal branch of Pratihara.
    • He formed a triple alliance with Jaysimha & Bappa Rawal to defeat Arabs in Battle of Rajasthan
  • Raja Yashovardhan Pratihara
  • Raja Watsraj Pratihara
    • He was the first Pratihara ruler who occupied the Kanauj.
    • He defeated Dharmapala of Gauda country.
    • But he was defeated in the hands of Dhruva of Rashtrakuta dynasty.
  • Raja Nagabhata II Pratihara
    • He got victory over Kannauj.
    • He was defeated in the hands of Govinda of Rashtrakuta dynasty.
    • He defeated Dharmapala and Chakrayudha in the battle of Mudgagiri.
  • Raja Mihir Bhoj Pratihara
    • During the period of Mihira Bhoja Kanauj was restored to its former glory.
    • Mihira Bhoja defeated Devapala of Bengal.
    • Suleiman, Arab traveller visited the court of Mihira Bhoja in 851 A.D.
  • Raja Mahendrapal Pratihara
  • Raja Mahipal Pratihara
  • Raja Vinayakpal Pratihara
  • Raja Mahendrapal II Pratihara
  • Raja Vijaypal Pratihara
  • Raja Rajyapal Pratihara
  • Raja Trilochnpal Pratihara
  • Raja YashPal Pratihara
    • He was the last ruler of the dynasty. He ruled from 1027 to 1036. Prathihara dynasty came to end with the invasion of Muhammad of Ghazni.

After the downfall of Prathiharas, their capital Kannauj, was occupied by Gahadwalas (Rathores). Chandradeva, who belonged to Rathore clan of Rajput warriors, defeated Gopala and established the Gahadavala dynasty.

After defeating Prthviraj Chauhan in the second Battle of Tarain, Muhammad of Ghur attacked Jaychand. In 1194, Battle of Chandwar took place in which Muhammad Ghori defeated Jaychand. Soon the kingdom of Gahadwalas was destroyed.

Rao Siyaji, grand son of Jai Chandra, of Kannauj, came to marwar during his pilgrimage to dwarka. His Son, Rao Asthan conquered Pali, and Khed (in western Marwar), but ultimately got killed in battle by Sultan Jalauddin Khilji of Delhi.

Rao Chanda/Chundarji, 10th in succession from Siyaji, finally wrested control of Marwar from the Gurjara Pratiharas – and established rule of Rathores in Marwar. Jodhpur was the primary state of Rathores but different states (Bikaner, Kishangarh etc) were also founded by different Rathore rulers.

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