Lok Devta: Goga Ji

Goga Ji Lok Devta

Rajasthan Lok Devta: Goga Ji

Goga Ji, also known as Jahar Veer Gogga is a folk deity, who is venerated as a warrior-hero, saint and ‘snake-god’. Gugga is worshipped in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat.

Early Days:

Gogaji was born to queen Bachchal and king Zewar in Dadrewa in the Churu district of Rajasthan in 1003 A.D.  Bachchal worshiped Guru Gorkhnath ji for 12 years and by the blessing of Guru Gorkhnathji, Gogaji was born.


In a quarrel about land he killed his two brothers on which account he drew upon himself the anger of his mother. Rani Bachal got angry and instructed him not to show his face. Gogaji went to guru Gorakhnathji and asked him what to do. Gorakhnathji through his Chimta from Gorkhtilla and land got slide and Gogaji took Samadhi at that place with his horse. Before getting Samadhi Gogaji read calma so that he also called Muslim peer.


Gogaji is popular Devta who protects his followers from snakes and other evils. Almost every village in Rajasthan has a Than (sacred place,generally a small temple) dedicated to him. The devotees are commonly known as purbia (those who belong to east). The Savayians sing devotional songs known as ‘Pir ke Solle’ in his honour to the accompaniment of deroos.


Gogaji is famous as Goga Veer among Hindus and Jahar peer in Muslims. Every year Grand fairs are held at his birthplace and samadhi sthal Gogamedi. Goga ji fair lasts for 3 days and is held from the ninth day of the dark half(Krishna-paksh) of Bhadrapada (Goga Navami) to the eleventh day of the dark half of the same month.


Goga Ji Facts to Remember

  •  Dadrewa in the Churu district of Rajasthan
  •  Protects from Snakes bites.
Died (Samadhi)
  •  Gogamedi in Hanumangarh District
  • Main Temple: Gogamedi, built by King Ganga Singh.
  • Villages in Rajasthan has a Than dedicated to him, Than is always under Khejri tree.
  • Organised every year at Gogamedi from 9th day of dark-half (Krishna Paksh) of Bhadra month to  eleventh of the month.
  •  Musical Instruments – Damru & Madal
 Other Facts
  • Farmers tie 9 Knot – Goga Rakhadi – to their plough for good harvest.
  • Goga Ji indentification – Blue Horse, Spear and Snake

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